We take this opportunity to introduce to you Forging Tech Forum and its activities.

Forging Tech Forum was formed by a group of like minded and dedicated people from Forging and related Industries. As you are aware, Forging Industry is growing quite satisfactorily mainly due to the automobile industry. Many international Sourcing people are looking at India as a main sourcing hub. Forging Industry, however has to achieve quality and delivery requirements in addition to be more competitive. This can be achieved only through improved productivity and quality. The price reduction is possible through automation and technological up-gradation.
To achieve this, up-gradation of Plant & Equipment, Technology Development, Enhancement of Knowledge, Innovations and Training of Manpower are critical and essential factors. One needs to remain in touch with the latest developments in the Forging field globally.
Forging Tech Forum is working towards fulfilling above objectives as below:-

• Technical Information and knowledge dissemination by regularly organising technical conferences and exhibitions, publishing bio-monthly newsletter and creating a library for use by the industry people.
• Addressing the needs / concerns of the Forging Industry.
• Developing the skills of people through Training programmes. We are attaching herewith the Yearly Training Calendar for your ready reference.
• Assisting MSME through Solution Centre

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